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Waterfall Australia 

Waterfall™ Australia is a proudly local manufacturer of bongs, papers, grinders and vapes. Waterfall™ Australia has been making smoking paraphernalia since 1978 and continue to manufacture bongs and smoking accessories of the highest quality. The company prides itself in taking special care in creating their products with maximum functionality in mind.

Trusted for Generations Throughout Australia and the World

Waterfall™ Australia is said to be one of the longest-running smoking paraphernalia brands on the planet, and it started right here on home soil. The Waterfall™ brand has been trusted for generations throughout Australia and has been exported worldwide since 1997. They continue to be a market leader in the field of smoking paraphernalia.

Waterfall™ Australia Bongs and Paraphernalia All Available at Thendro 

Thendro has fully stocked up on a wide range of Waterfall™ Australia products including both glass and acrylic bongs of all varieties, shapes, sizes, all available in an impressive set of colours.

Whether you are shopping around for your first bong, or browsing for the perfect gift for your mate (what a good friend you are!) – . Not only do we offer a convenient PayItLater option, our delivery is also super speedy!

Gravity Glass Pipes, Hemp Papers and Travel Bongs 

Waterfall™ Australia gravity glass pipes, hemp papers, and the most practical mini bongs are all available right here at Thendro. These guys really do keep high functionality in mind when it comes to their products. Waterfall™ Australia even have a variety of nifty travel bongs as part of their collection, how great? And we stock them too!

The next time you light up using a Waterfall™ Australia product – feel proud that you are supporting a local brand with such a rich history. 

You can find all the Waterfall™ Australia product pricing on our website. We have made online shopping super easy for you, your payments are safe with us, and our prices are excellent.