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The Volcano vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is a desktop vaporizer that, while still somewhat portable, is larger than other vaporizers but also more sociable, with a distinctive design that resembles a cone volcano.

The original desktop vaporizer – the Volcano Classic – consists of a German designed and made hot air generator that stands 18cm tall, with a 20cm diameter. Temperature, heat, and airflow are all manually controlled, with the vapor collected in a valve balloon that can be detached, and the vapor then inhaled from the balloon at your own pace or shared in a group setting.

The Volcano Hybrid has similar dimensions to the Classic vaporizer, with the added benefit of having digital controls that can also be manipulated through a companion smartphone app. The Classic has a limited temperature range of between 130 degrees Celsius and 230 degrees Celsius, but the Volcano Hybrid ranges from 40 degrees Celsius up to 230 degrees Celsius, giving you greater control over the quality of the vapor. In addition to having an automatic shutoff feature, the most significant difference between the Volcano Classic and the Hybrid is that the vapor generated by the Volcano Hybrid can be enjoyed using either a valve balloon similar to that of the Classic, but also through a tube (or whip), which is preferred by some people, especially when sharing isn’t necessary.

Many users rate the vapor quality of both the Volcano Hybrid and Classic far higher than that of other vaporizers, but that quality comes at a price. Both Volcano models cost more than other popular vaporizers, and they are a lot bigger and heavier than other vaporizers. Still portable, the Volcano is not going to fit in your front pocket, or in a standard backpack, but is available with a specially designed carry case that enables you to carry your Volcano Hybrid or Classic vaporizer and accessories around securely and discretely. Additionally, the Volcano is electric, so it requires a suitable power source to operate.

Fortunately, if you’re already a fan of the build and vapor quality of the Volcano, Storz & Bickel do also offer more compact vaporizers: the Mighty and the Crafty. While still a little bulkier than other compact vaporizers, both the Mighty and Crafty give you greater control over the temperature, with the Mighty supporting precise temperature control, and the Crafty having three pre-set temperatures to select from. Both the Mighty and the Crafty are battery powered, but can also use direct power, so you never have to worry about drained batteries in the middle of a vape session.