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Randy’s has been providing the world with highly innovative products since 1975. Randy’s was started just like any other great brand – by a couple of friends with a bright idea – and their popular wired rolling papers was the brand’s first product.

San Francisco, 1975 – When It All Began  

A couple of San Francisco mates were in their usual chill-spot one afternoon, listening to a few records and rolling a few of their finest. They were unwinding after a long day, talking about anything and everything, when the conversation turned to discussing a few ways in which they would improve the functionality of their ordinary go-to rolling papers. They were tired of wasting their supply and burning their fingers whenever the paper burned too low. Not cool.

They had tried a few makeshift solutions in the past – using clips and other household finds – but this day they stumbled on a great idea: why not just put a wire in the papers. This is where the story of Randy’s began, and today Randy’s supplies smokers and roll-your-own enthusiasts around the world with their fantastic rolling papers and the finest paraphernalia.

Great Selection of Randy’s Accessories

From Randy’s SLX Deluxe Grinder, to a great selection of cleaning accessories like brush sets, pipe cleaners, and Randy’s famous Black Label Cleaner in a compact 350ml bottle, we have you covered when it comes to keeping your precious paraphernalia clean and ready for your next smoke.

The Randy’s SLX Deluxe Grinder 

Randy’s SLX Deluxe Grinders are packed with features that make them one of the most functional herb grinders around. This four-part grinder is made using aerospace-grade aluminium and features a ceramic non-stick coating inside and out, which is both FDA approved and non-toxic. The superfine stainless-steel screens are designed to only filter out the fine pollen and make sure none of your precious herb gets through. Available in gold, silver, and navy blue.

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner  

This popular power cleaner shows no mercy when it comes to effortlessly removing stubborn resin and dirt from your smoking utensils. Safe to use on ceramic, glass, and metal, this easy-to-use alcohol-based cleaner can transform your manky bong into a bong even your mother would be proud of, all in just two minutes! No more worrying about those hard-to-reach places and endless scrubbing, Randy’s Black Label Cleaner will do all the work for you. Simply pour, shake it up and rinse – your beloved bong will be good as new!