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Pyptek is a distinctive brand of premium pipes that are designed with the adventurer in mind. These stylish, highly durable pipes are proudly made in America using superior materials with precise craftsmanship. 

The Pyptek Pocket Pipes 

Thendro stocks a great range of the unrivalled Pyptek Pocket Pipes, each perfectly designed for the toker on the go. Created to deliver a premium smoking experience with each and every pull, these beautiful pipes are constructed using high-quality glass housed in an aircraft-grade aluminium outer casing – making this product super durable. Delivering a good clean smoke with every toke, this little pipe packs a serious punch.

The Perfect Pipe That Is Easy to Clean

These rugged masterpieces are packaged fully assembled and are super easy to disassemble and clean. To wash, simply use warm water and a dash of dish soap (a little elbow grease also goes a long way). Isopropyl alcohol or a healthy pinch of kosher salt will easily remove any excess residue that may have stuck to your pipe. Easy cleaning was definitely in mind when these guys designed this little beauty. 

Each Pocket Pipe Comes Standard with Essential Accessories 

Each pipe comes standard with an ember-blocking screen and an extra Prometheus O-Ring & Screen Kit, plus a neat silicone Save-A-Bowl. The Save-A-Bowl is a handy accessory that helps prevent any contents being spilt in your pocket in-between smoke sessions.

5 Flashy Colours and a Unique Geometric Design 

Pyptek Pocket Pipes are available is 5 flashy colours: blue, black, red, green, and purple. The glass and metal pipe’s pleasing geometric design and completely unique aesthetic is what distinguishes it from any other smoking pipe in its class.

Shop Our Range of Pyptek Pocket Pipe Spares 

Spare parts for your Pocket Pipe are available by purchasing the Pyptek Pocket Pipe Bowl Kit and the Pyptek Pocket Pipe Glass Kit which are both available through Thendro. Both kits include a glass cone bowl, replacement mesh screens, rubber washer rings, and a Save-A-Bowl cone cover. The glass stem is included in the Pyptek Pocket Pipe Glass Kit only.