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The Planet X range provides the Aussie bong fanatic with the ultimate selection of fine, handcrafted glass bongs. A quality range of super durable acrylic bongs are also available as part of the Planet X product range. The creators of this unique selection of bongs had one thing in mind when making these masterpieces – a truly effortless smoke to suit any preference.

Planet X Bongs are Designed with Comfort and Style in Mind  

Each Planet X glass bong is completely unique and incorporates exciting colour patterns to stimulate your visual senses. All pieces are individually made by hand and as a result, each bong will have its own unique colouring & patterning – no two bongs are alike!

Bongs so Beautifully Designed They Can Pass as a Vase

 The Planet X Fantasy Series range features bongs so beautifully crafted they can pass as a vase. This means that your bong can be hidden in plain sight. That’s right – just stick a flower or two in the bong neck, turn the bong around and you are all set.

From Mini Bongs to One of the Tallest Bong on Our Shelves

 From the Planet X Nymph range, which is a collection of mini bongs fit for the traveller or a cheeky toke on the go – to the Planet X Giant Overlord acrylic bong, which impressively  stands at an astounding 55cm tall (one of the brand’s tallest bongs) – we have the perfect bong in stock for you. We have over 180 bongs to choose from, so start browsing now.