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Like the Firefly, PAX dry herb vaporizers are slimmer than other vaporizers, if not as short. And while they have already released three different versions of their vaporizer, each sees incremental changes to the technology improving efficiency and the quality of the vapor. The PAX ERA is an oil vaporizer that uses pods that aren’t widely available.

The PAX 2, released in 2015, was both lighter and shorter than the original PAX, and introduced the flat mouthpiece now also used in the PAX 3. The PAX 3, released in 2017, looks identical to the PAX 2, but is available in a wider range of colours. It also includes a more powerful battery that charges faster and allows the unit to heat up faster: 20 seconds average heat time versus the 45 seconds of the PAX 2. It also includes Bluetooth, with a companion smartphone app, and supports the use of both dry leaf and concentrates.

Although the oven or chamber size is unchanged from the PAX 2, the PAX 3 includes a half-pack lid, enabling you to pack less loose leaf into the chamber, without affecting draw quality.

Both models come with four temperature settings, from low through to high, with the upper temperature range on the PAX 3 reaching 215 degrees Celsius, versus 202 degrees Celsius on the PAX 2. The companion app for the PAX 3 offers more temperature settings not available for the PAX 2.

The smartphone app for the PAX 3 includes five heating profiles or Dynamic Modes, which are a little different to the regular temperature settings in that they are designed for specific benefits or uses. The default is Standard mode, which balances vapor and flavour. The Boost mode keeps the oven hot for fast sessions where you don’t want cooling to interfere, though this can result in hotter vapor. Efficiency mode is for users who like the oven temperature to increase throughout a session, giving you a more consistent vapor. Stealth mode is about discretion, with fast cooling, lower standby temperatures, and dimmed lights on the unit, for when you want a quick hit without drawing too much attention to yourself. Finally, there is Flavor mode, which is almost a reversal of the Efficiency mode in that flavour is prioritised over vapor consistency.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the PAX 2 and 3 is that, unlike many other dry leaf vaporizers, the battery isn’t replaceable, so you may need to carry the USB charger with you at times. However, the battery charges quickly on both models, with a two-hour charge time for the PAX 2, and 90 minutes on the PAX 3, with both models providing 6-10 sessions per charge.

Accessories for both models include a maintenance kit, replacement parts for the flat mouthpiece, oven screens and lids, a concentrate insert for the PAX 3, and a half-pack oven lid that is compatible with both models. There is also a keychain that clever conceals a multi-tool perfect for packing or removing material from your PAX unit.