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The revolutionary MagicalButter Botanical Extractor™ is simply a must-have and is any progressive foodie, amateur chef, restaurant owner, caterer, or herbal therapist’s dream! This product is a flashy yet functional addition to any kitchen counter. The miracle machine will help you effortlessly and flawlessly infuse oils, lotions, grain alcohol, and a whole lot more with your beloved herb. The sky’s the limit for the effortless creation of tinctures, skin care products, and even pet medicines – all made possible with the MagicalButter Botanical Extractor™.

Fantastic Features and Functionality That Never Disappoints 

This 240-volt machine is packed full of features! Using 16 different and fully automatic operating sequences, all controlled by a smart microprocessor, the MB machine delivers impeccable results with each and every infusion you prepare.

Botanical-Infused Oils Ready In 1 Hour, Botanical Butters In Just 2

Your botanical oils will be ready in only an hour, botanical butters ready after a quick 2-hour cycle, and botanical tinctures in only 4-8 hours – all at the touch of a button and with little-to-no effort from you. Simply add the ingredients and let the machine do all the work. This magical machine has a capacity of 2-5 cups per cycle and uses a blender, thermostat, and heating unit to flawlessly grind, stir, heat, and brew your herbal infusion in the perfect time – and at the ideal temperature. The MagicalButter extractor will treat every new batch you infuse with the same consistency and accuracy, guaranteed.  

A Machine That Magically Cleans Itself

Who doesn’t like a machine that cleans up after itself! The process of manually infusing butters and oils is laborious and can take hours and hours, painstakingly supervising the entire process. This is not the case with the MagicalButter MB2E, with the process being cut down from up to 12 hours to just 3-4 hours – now this is true magic! The machine’s self-cleaning function is one of our favourite features. You can now spend all the extra time saved by using this machine to start preparing for your next creation, taking a leisurely stroll, or simply going about your day-to-day business.

Included in the box is a handy silicone glove and filter. Go on, dig out your favourite recipes and get creating! This fantastic piece of equipment is also available at select Off Ya Tree brick-and-mortar stores, and since this is a home-grown Australian product, warranty support for repairs or maintenance will be as easy as making a batch of edibles using the MagicalButter.