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According to Juicy Jay’s there is much folklore and rumours around the history of where the name Juicy Jay’s originated. Let’s have a look at where it all started…

It All Began in New York City in the Late 1980s

The creator of Juicy Jay’s and his crew were massive LL Cool J fans and they had heard that LLs most popular hangout spot was Farmers Boulevard in Queens, New York City – this juicy info came from the lyrics of a popular LL Cool Jay song at the time. Queens was, after all, the rapper’s hometown. They climbed into their shabby Mustang one day, rocked up at Farmers Boulevard and coasted up and down the busy 5-mile strip asking each and every person they passed whether they knew where LL Cool J might be. The crew ran the length of Farmers Boulevard that day without even catching a glimpse of the famed lyricist, but having the time of their lives, nonetheless. Following that day, the creator of Juicy Jay’s rolling papers was nicknamed Cool Jay by his friends, little knowing this would later be the inspiration for his own brand of rolling papers. 

In 2001 Juicy Jay’s Added Some Flavour to the Rolling Paper Market

Ten years passed before Jay remembered the story while brainstorming ideas for a range of menthol rolling papers he was preparing to launch. He knew that Cool Jay’s was the name he was looking for, and Juicy Jay’s Watermelon followed, eventually leading to Java Jay’s, Jay’s Rolls, and another 40 mouth-watering flavours of Juicy Jay’s rolling papers.

One of the Most Colourful and Flavourful Rolling Paper Brands

Juicy Jay’s are famous for being one of the most colourful and flavourful rolling paper brands on the market today. Juicy Jay’s rolling papers feature a tasty sugar-based gum and each paper has a printed pattern to match its flavour. Each unique pattern is printed using natural soy ink that doesn’t affect the flavour. Thendro has curated a collection of these delicious king size slims with flavours including raspberry, Double Dutch chocolate, grape, and the famous watermelon, where it all began. 

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps are Tobacco Free 

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps are a great alternative to the traditional tobacco blunts, while providing the same slow, even burn. They taste, roll and, smoke like a premium tobacco wrapper. These hemp wraps are tobacco free and truly bridge the gap between natural papers and blunts. Wrap your lips around these flavour-packed natural hemp blunts today, and discover how Juicy Jay’s have managed to pack all the years of experience they have into delivering the finest quality range of Hemp Wraps.