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GHOST Vapes was founded in 2015 with a goal of developing the best portable vaporizer. The result – the GHOST MV1 – was released in 2017 and remains the only vaporizer they offer. It is available in five different finishes to match your style: nickel, satin silver, rose gold, black stealth, and black chrome.

While the GHOST MV1 isn’t as slim as some portable dry herb vaporizers, it is sleek and – as per GHOST Vapes – is built to medical device standards using only the highest quality materials. And what it provides is on-demand vaporization of dry herbs and concentrates, using true convection heating.

The largest component of the GHOST MV1 vape pen is the removable battery, and this also had a large influence on the design. While a bigger battery does reduce the need for frequent charging, with the MV1 outperforming other dry herb vaporizers, a larger, custom engineered battery was also necessary to safely meet the power demands of the MV1 performance. The founders of GHOST Vapes wanted a vaporizer that was ready in seconds and didn’t show any drop in temperature during use, and the high capacity battery they developed more than delivers.

The MV1 consists of four components: the main body, a removable battery, a crucible, and a heat sink with an extendable glass mouthpiece. The crucible is where you load your dry herb or concentrate, and while it is small, it is removable and you can buy additional crucibles and a crucible dispenser, allowing you to preload five crucibles that you can easily swap out when necessary. No more fiddling with loading more loose leaf or concentrates in the middle of a session.

As you would expect from a quality dry herb vaporizer, the MV1 allows you to choose from a range of temperatures from 140 degrees Celsius up to 240 degrees Celsius, suitable for both dry herbs and concentrates. The MV1 comes with six temperatures levels pre-set but using the companion smartphone app allows users to customise these to their own preference.

A new GHOST MV1 comes with a USB charger, one spare crucible (in addition to the one already in the unit), a concentrate pad, and a few items for cleaning the unit. Spares and accessories, you can buy for your MV1 include an extra battery, a crucible kit, crucible dispenser, a heat sink, and a fast charger. Although the MV1 can go for long periods between chargers, many users opt for having an extra battery or the fast charger as part of their kit since, unlike other portable vaporizers, the MV1 cannot be used while charging.