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The Firefly dry herb vaporizer is sometimes referred to as the iPhone of vaporizers. Part of this is influenced by the design of the Firefly, which has been significantly improved with each new release, but also by the fact that the cofounder and CEO of Firefly previously worked for Apple.

The first Firefly vaporizer was released in 2013, with the Firefly 2 following in 2016, and the Firefly 2+ in 2019. As the naming convention suggests, there are considerable cosmetic and under-the-hood differences between the Firefly 1 and the Firefly 2, with smaller – but still noteworthy – changes made with the Firefly 2+.

What hasn’t changed is the way the Firefly vaporizer heats the loose leaf or concentrates used, using convection heating rather than conduction heating. Instead of the loose leaf or concentrate being heated through direct contact in the heating chamber, preheated air passes through the material with each draw, resulting in a higher quality vapor that also extracts the most flavour and active ingredients of the material in the heating chamber. The material is also not being heated constantly throughout each vaping session, with pre-heated air only passing over it with each pull.

But while the way the Firefly 2+ dry leaf vaporizer still heats loose leaf and concentrates the same way as the Firefly 1 and 2, the efficiency of the heating controls has been improved, resulting in better battery performance, and airflow has also seen a 33 percent boost thanks to more, and bigger, air jets being laser-drilled in the bowl and the mouthpiece.

Another unique feature of the Firefly 2+ vaporizer is the ability for the user to set the maximum vaporization temperature, either on the device or through the companion smartphone app. The temperature settings start at 93 degrees Celsius, up to 260 degrees Celsius, ideally suited to the range of temperatures necessary for different active ingredients to be vaporized.

Each Firefly 2+ vaporizer includes a single mouthpiece, battery, charging dock and USB 3.0 cable, one concentrate pad, and three cleaning wipes. Additional batteries, chargers, and concentrate pads can be bought, along with a cleaning kit. Basic cleaning of the Firefly is uncomplicated, and can be done using any alcohol wipes, but the Firefly cleaning kit includes a brush tool and cleaning picks suitable for removing build-up in the airflow holes and the heating chamber. The battery life is largely dependent on how frequently you use the Firefly vaporizer, though it can fully charge in under an hour, plus you could always carry a spare battery or charging dock with you, thanks to how portable the Firefly 2+ is.