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Unlike other vaporizer brands, DaVinci market four different vaporizers, though two – the Classic and the Ascent – are designed for use with dry herbs or essential oils, and the MIQRO and the IQ are specifically for dry herbs only. The Classic was DaVinci’s first portable vaporizer, so is not as sleek as the new MIQRO and IQ vaporizers.

The MIQRO and IQ look very similar, leading to some referring to the MIQRO as a smaller IQ. While the MICRO is a full centimetre shorter than the IQ, there are key differences in features other than portability. Though both come with a flat and extended mouthpiece, many users find the extended mouthpiece improves airflow and helps cool down the vapor, even if it less pocket-sized than with the flat mouthpiece.

Both the MIQRO and the IQ are made from the same materials, and look similar, with the MIQRO being a little shorter and thinner than the IQ. Both are digital and come with four temperature pre-sets – referred to as “Smart Paths”, with the ability to manually set a temperature to you own preference. The IQ has a temperature range of 120 degrees Celsius up to 220 degrees Celsius, with the MIQRO’s temperature range starting at 170 degrees Celsius up to 230 degrees Celsius. They each ship with a rechargeable and replaceable battery offering up to 40 minutes of use time in the MIQRO and up to one and a half hours with the IQ. Since they are designed to be on-demand dry herb vaporizers rather than session vapes, the limited use time shouldn’t be a problem.

While the material chamber is slightly smaller on the MIQRO, the vaporizer does come with an adjustable Pearl: a small attachment that allows you to pack less dry herb into the chamber without empty space affecting the draw quality. The IQ has two glass spacers for the same purpose, with one spacer larger than the other. This is a unique feature of DaVinci’s two dedicated dry herb vaporizers, perfect for times when you don’t want a full bowl.

DaVinci are generous with the range of accessories and spares they’ve made available for both the IQ and the MIQRO. Both units ship with a USB charging cable, a flat and extended mouthpiece, and some cleaning materials, the IQ also includes a keychain, while the MIQRO comes with the previously mentioned Pearl. Spares and accessories, you can buy include extra batteries, mouthpieces and water tool adapters, carrying cases, gloves to protect the unit from scratches, and glass spacers for the IQ, and replacement Pearls for the MIQRO. Also unique to DaVinci vaporizers is a 6000mA powerbank, so you never have to worry about a drained battery when you’re nowhere near a power source.