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BudBomb is a producer of some of the world’s greatest smoking products on the market. The company designs, manufactures, and distributes a unique selection of smoking pipes that are carefully crafted to perfection. BudBomb was founded in 1993 and have continued to produce superior products to a global community of smokers ever since.

What is the BudBomb Original?

The BudBomb Original is their iconic piece which is not only beautifully shaped like a joint – it is a very solid pipe that is designed to provide its owner with their smoothest smoke yet. Your smoke is cooled while it travels through a special internal chamber that functions to increase the length the smoke has to travel, thus cooling it before it reaches you. Its helical shape is also said to eliminate the chance of heavy oils reaching your lips while you spark up.

Taking the pipe apart to clean couldn’t be easier, with re-assembly being just as simple – making the cleaning process a breeze. A built-in screen comes standard with your Bud device and a large 20mm deep bowl allows for larger packing. Place your herb in without the fuss of having to grind your herb – large, chunky herb is what this pipe is built for. 

The BudBomb Original, along with a great range of other BudBomb designer pipes are available to purchase at Thendro, and comes in spectacular gold (brass), silver (chrome), or pure black finish.

A tip from the pros: place your device in the freezer before you use it – the cool, soothing smoke that results is a huge hit!

The BudBomb Original Click Pipe 

Another fine invention by these creators is the BudBomb Click Pipe, also available in a classic gold, silver and black finish. This pipe’s smart functional magnetic design allows the parts to click into place when in use and promotes easy folding – remember to click the pipe into place before stashing it in your pocket. Fully assembled, the BudBomb Click Pipe is less than 80mm long, and less than 50mm when unassembled – making it the perfect travel companion.   

‘What’s another rad feature of these awesome pipes?’, I hear you ask. You are now able to pre-pack your pipe and cruise around with your BudBomb Original or BudBomb Click in your pocket so you’re always ready to light up on-the-go.